Thinking about Nudism? Heres how to get started.

Published On July 25, 2018

Nudism is on the rise. And with many of the benefits clear, it’s easy to see why. But how do you start? Is it as simple as taking off your clothes? Well, in some ways, yes, but there is a little more to it.  Today, we tell you how you may make stripping off just that little bit easier.

Nudism can be an adventure or just your day to day.

Starting your journey

When first considering the change you may rightly ask what is so good about it? And a quick google will usually end up bombarding you with words like ‘freedom’, emotive epithets and ‘spiritual’ aphorisms.

Now, this is all well and good but doesn’t really separate nudism from any other self-defining pursuit. But therein lies the crux, nudism is inherently self-defining.

When its just you, free of any clothes, labels of presuppositions, there is not really anything left to hide. And without waxing lyrical on ‘be who you are’, there is little other opportunity for such a direct way to do so.

But with it comes trepidation, will I be judged? Is it legal? Where can I do it safely? Are there benefits?

A Naked Girl Bike Ride
Any journey can seem daunting. But having a plan always helps.

Staying on the road

The first thing to realise is that nudism is not simply about being naked, it’s about embracing life whilst in the buff. And this may feel very different, even pressured. Are you supposed to suddenly feel enlightened?

Or is this a misconception?

Whilst most people may feel an immediate freedom, it can be hampered by what to do next. So once you have decided to go nude, where do you go and what do you do?

Well thankfully, you are not alone. Nudist communities, whether online or out in the real world, are more commonplace than you would think. And better yet, they are information hubs for local or national events that are designed just for you.

Nudist events are a great way to get started, and provide a regular outlet.

You could also choose to bring in your friends and family. Okay, the idea of seeing dad in the buff may be a little beyond what is normal, but partners and friends may be interested. Consider it something new, and perhaps even as part of a bonding exercise.

Heck, even if it only happens once, that’s a great story. We all remember that time skinny dipping with our housemates during university.

And another thing to consider is visiting a nudist colony or specially designed resort. Plenty of like-minded people to meet, some who may have just started out. And others who may share their valuable experiences.

But if not far-flung events or couples experiences, what can you do alone? Well, the answer is basically anything. Nudism does not have to be overly special but can be easily placed into your day to day life.

Cook naked, clean naked, watch Game of Thrones naked. Making it normal for you will go a long way.

Planning ahead

So once you have started, you may begin to enjoy it. And all these emotive descriptions of freedom and self-fulfillment may begin to ring true. There is a reason nudism is taking off.

But often you may find yourself limited by others. This is usually due to stigma and misunderstanding, especially if you are male. Others may only consider nudism a form of sexuality when they miss the very personal and non-threatening reasons that most practice it.

Once you start,, the opportunities just keep coming.

So before you go anywhere, make sure just to take a moment to double check the law around things. This differs from place to place, and if you are unsure its always worth checking. And if you are really concerned about how people may react, talk to others who have done the same.

Hopefully, we have given you a little introduction of how to start practicing nudism and some ideas of what to do, but there is so much more. If you have any ideas, let us know in the comments below.

Join the Movement

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12 thoughts on “Thinking about Nudism? Heres how to get started.”

  1. Hi Stella, I would love volunteer to help support the A Naked Girl project! I tried sending you a message through the “contact me” section but kept getting an error so I’m pasting my message below.
    Hi Stella,

    First, I would like to thank you for all your work on promoting and educating others about nudism/naturism and body positivity; its great to see others my age working to improve society through these issues. I’ve been following your Instagram for a while now and saw one of your naked cooking shows with sushi on Chaturbate, and it’s very impressive how many people you have been able to reach so far with your message of natural living and acceptance. I would love to take on an active role with “A Naked Girl” and help spread its mission.

    A little bit about me. As a child, I lived in Europe and with its more open culture towards the body, I was very much used to the concept of “clothing optional” life. Growing up, going naked at places like the beach was not a strange thing or a statement but rather just something that we did naturally. Unfortunately, my family eventually moved to America where nudity is often frowned upon at best and at worst illegal. Still a child though, I was still very much in a “clothing optional” mindset (despite my family’s best efforts otherwise), and after growing up and heading to university I became more committed to living life naked and free. At university, I started nude modeling for art classes which sparked a love of art and creativity. I continue to work part-time as a nude art model for painters, photographers, and other artists. Outside of modeling, I strive to be naked as much as I can from nude hiking to nude yoga groups. I recently moved to San Francisco and I am looking into starting a nude yoga meetup here (strangely enough there is not a single nude yoga group here already even though San Franciso is known for its open culture; up to a few years ago people could walk fully nude through certain parts of the city. Unfortunately, the city changed the laws and now people can only go naked in the streets at certain events). In my free time, I’m an avid reader who loves creative writing, learning and studying the human condition, powerlifting/Crossfit, progressive politics, exploring, and intellectual discussions (of course doing all these things naked whenever possible!).

    I would love to help out with editing and writing for “A Naked Girl”. As a student in university, I worked with many other students who needed help with their English and edited their class essays. After I graduated I continued to tutor and help students at all levels with editing their papers and I would be happy to help edit material for “A Naked Girl”. Also, I’m interested in writing some articles on the history of nudism and compare different cultural attitudes towards nudity as well as writing about the health/mental benefits of living nude. If these topics are of interest to you, I can discuss my ideas with you and if you like them I can start researching and writing some drafts. I’m very interested in the social media side as well, both in the creative aspect of content creation as well as the analytical aspect of studying trends and developing strategies to reach more people. To me, social media is an exciting challenge of public relations, creative content, and analytics that I would love to work on for the “A Naked Girl” project. Finally, I’m working on starting up an AMSR youtube channel (its a non-nude project, but I’m looking at creating nude ASMR videos on Vimeo with other models), and I’ve been teaching myself video editing and content production so if you need help in those areas or anywhere else as well I would be happy to lend a hand; I’m always up for tackling new challenges!

    Have a great and naked day!


  2. Can you touch other people if they invite you to ?
    Are you welcome to touch other people if they invite you to ?
    248 332 3806
    Excited to see naked bodies you might not have never seen otherwise.
    Yes polygamy sex would be a nice bonus but not a ice breaker deal.
    For couples this is exciting cause you can check out a naked body without fear of your mate being jealous.
    For singles this is exciting cause if you get laid it’s without jealousy and strings attached.

  3. I did are you a nudist test on line to see if I was a nudist or not. They said that I was. You see that I’m a physically challenged guy who has ever been any closer to other nudist expte in nudist magazines. I been think about becoming a nudist for
    Most of my life and just moved into a place we’re I can do so. Would really like some help getting into your way of life. Your Sincerely Andrew . C . Richardson.

  4. You talk about starting out as a nudist and just stripping off. That’s easier said than done. You’re young and hot… how does someone older and… well not so hot… at least when naked, decide to get started??

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