The Story Of A Naked Girl

Published On March 5, 2018

The First Steps Of a Naked Girl

A naked girl has many things to say about her lifestyle. Nudity is part of her, something she carries, part of her personality. Nakedness is part of the love that makes her do things the way she does. She first learned about nudism on the internet, more precisely on Instagram, where she saw many nudist profiles and was inspired. This is her story.

Driven By Passion

She was driven by her passion to travel and explore nature. By making her first steps out of the human comfort zone she opened her most wild, free and natural self. And captivated by the colours and peace that nature brings to her spirit, she decided to take off her clothes. This was a new joy, a new way of being and something that would change her life. She had discovered Nudism.

Her body and soul yearned to be one with nature. And although her journey had barely begun, her emotions and wishes were clear. She wanted and needed more. At that moment, she lived in Australia. And what a perfect opportunity it was: a vast space to explore and discover, far away from society and its judgments.

She had the opportunity to climb high mountains and hills, embrace nudity and touch the sky. To find rivers where she could skinny dip and feel the water on her skin. To run the deserts wild and free. And beaches where she could contemplate the sea in her purest form.

A Poetic Ode

She was in a world where nature and modern technology were opportunities. A naked girl had then found the courage to show everyone who she really was, what she really liked and what was she made for. She made her first steps into Instagram, the perfect site to put pictures, her original inspiration. A poetic ode to expression.

Instagram was where she could upload the sweet memories of her adventure. She always carried a camera to capture beautiful moments, where nudity and nature found each other.

Fame, Fortune and Frowns

The internet community met something new. She was more than just a beautiful blonde woman. They were entranced by her strength, courage, freedom, wild nature, energy and happiness.. So it was not a surprise that many put their eyes and attention on her. Some people said bad things about her. While other people  badly sexualized her. With every good comes the bad.

But there where more positive people. Those who her messages resonated with. First, humans should not be ashamed of themselves and their bodies. Second, that everybody is beautiful. Third, that nudity is more comfortable, and that is the way that nature intended us to be.

Her internet popularity grew quickly! But all the while she was still getting naked outdoors, in the beautiful sights that mother nature had to offer. She was always accompanied just by her camera. To capture new moments.

Her name spread covered websites, news and other profiles. The internet loved a naked girl, and she inspired many other people to join her. She became an inspiration, much like those who inspired her. She loved her new life and her internet audience. She took her practice of nudism to other countries, first Indonesia, then Thailand. All countries have beautiful nature views that are worth the trip, and she knew it.

The future of a naked girl

When she returned to her fatherland, The Netherlands, she didn´t stop doing her thing, a naked girl kept exploring and getting nude. She sometimes gets nude to pose and take artistic photos , and her journey won’t stop there.

Therefore, her wish to visit other countries is more alive than ever. And sure, she is willing to get naked in every part of the world she visits.


Written by Manuel Mauricio
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