The liberation of being naked

Published On March 8, 2018

When you ask a naked person, why aren’t you wearing clothes? The most commons answers are, comfort ,freedom and liberation. It is easy to understand why some people like being naked just because is more comfortable. You don’t have those sticky clothes warped around your body, and some garments are more annoying than others. But, how liberating is it to not being dressed?

Actually it is a lot, for the majority of nudists, nakedness means armory and freedom. And this sense of being free has many stages that are easy to realize when you experiment it yourself.


Body liberation

The immediate freedom that becomes when you undress, when you take of your last clothe you realize you are now completely nude and now there isn´t nothing that can’t top you of being body-free. Now you can just walk around in your purest form, the touch of the sun, the wind or the sun in the skin make us truly feel what being free in nature is. The vibrations of the earth in our bare feet give us the sensation that we are now in armory with our planet.



The mind liberation

Without clothes that are valued with a monetary income. So there is no way that you could lie about who you really are, not even lie to yourself. And that is the moment of thinking that is more than okay to be you. It is good for your mind to know that you exist, that you need to love yourself and respect others. It is the positive change of mentality of how we perceive ourselves as humans.



The social liberation

Wouldn´t it be nice to live in a world without judgments? A place when we all have respect for everybody? When we coexist naked we come close to make that dream a reality. Not in a sexual way, that only leads to more stigmas and negativity. But when we live together in a space of liberation, with our family, with our friends, even with people that we don´t know but deserve to be threaten as equals. That’s when we really bring a healthy society.,w_1024,c_fill,g_auto,h_576,ar_16:9/

Checkout the movie of the Nudist park in Paris



Environment liberation

What we can do better four our beloved environment, is to reside in it in our most natural for, less waste, less harm and more care and love with the nature that surrounds us. It is as simple as that, natural is how we should be, our ecosystems are just as that, free, perfect and full of life.


In our other article we wrote about the benefits of being naked.


Written by Manuel Mauricio
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5 thoughts on “The liberation of being naked”

  1. You couldn’t have said it better being a natust my self i feel we all need a to do a bit more for our livestyle.

  2. Good article, I love the feeling of sun, breeze and just being nude outdoors. It puts me in a meditative state and in a good mood no matter what is happening in my life

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