The benefits of being naked

Published On March 5, 2018

The Benefits of being naked

People that like being naked have good reasons for it, those who aren’t related with the nudity theme, or just don´t understand the wonders of taking off your clothes, frequently ask why some people just love being in the buff, they may be thinking of them as freaks or perverts, but that´s completely different to the reality.

Nudist and naturists, each one of them have their own stories and feelings with this practice, and they also have their own reasons for liking it, but if you hear each of them, you will find that they like being undressed for very similar reasons which may include freedom, comfort, positivity, relaxation and many more.

When you ask a naked person if there is a point for being like that, he or she may answer that with their lifestyle it comes many benefits. It is not a surprise because with nudity our mind and our bodies find a bunch of positive things, which we will list below:


1 Body acceptation

Many people struggle with this topic, it is not healthy to have a bad self-image, many people are even afraid of looking at themselves nude in the mirror or in the shower. Nudity can be a cure for this self-hatred disease, when you take off your clothes, you take down the stereotypes and prejudices of society, and find your true self.

When nude, you may look at yourself and understand that your imperfections aren´t just normal, they are kind of beautiful and make you who you are, you find that the size of certain parts of your body are just the perfect size, your genitals are not dirty or shameful, they are just another part of you that should be accepted and appreciated.




2 Healthy lifestyle

Part of the philosophy of nudism is being healthy, that´s why most nudist love to practice sports. Without clothes we take care of our skin, allowing it to breathe in each one of our pores, let it receive the vitamin of the sun and protecting it from infections and uncomfortable itch, is important to remember that clothes may contain bacteria.

It also helps our health in our spiritual way, with the energy and positivity flowing freely in our soul, we adopt a wholesome state of mind. 


3 Comfort

You have to try to know it, almost every activity in this life is better in the nude; swimming, running, playing, reading, writing, practicing sports and so on. The freedom and the ease of being naked is just too much, nudism is an experience and lifestyle that everyone should give the try at least once.


4 Tranquility

Along with providing peace of mind and esteem, nudists places are usually quiet and peaceful places, there is a big difference between the noise and chaos of a public textile beach, with the calm and secluded that you find in a clothing optional or nudist beach.


5 Relationships

When you practice nudism with others, friends, couples or family, your relationship with these people just grows and becomes strong in a beautiful way.

Allowing others to see you naked, and they allow you to see them naked causes a relation of respect and trust, which means that in life, your friendship or bound is true and wonderful.

FKK Bootstrip (2)


6 Healthy sexual lifestyle

Nudity does not necessarily be related to sex, that is one of the main principles of nudism, being in an environment of natural and non-sexual nudity allows you to understand that.

Knowing the difference between sex and just being naked is really important, you will understand that there is a place and a time for everything, and it will help you to control your sexual desires and as a consequence of this, you will have a healthy sexual life.


We will end this list with some little pluses; living naked gets you rid of tan lines, you will spend less time in washing clothes and deciding what you are going to wear, also it saves you money for buying more sticky clothes!


Written by Manuel Mauricio
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