With naturism on the rise, swimming naked is something more and more common. And, in fact, it is often the first thing a budding nudist will try. Romanticised in film, and poeticised in literature, the experience is often portrayed as exciting, freeing and just a little dangerous. So if that doesn’t intrigue you already, perhaps its time to give the idea some serious thought.


The Secret Joy Of Nude Swimming

People just don’t realise the joys of swimming naked. It is truly something you have to experience to understand. And skinny-dipping has existed since the discovery of swimming itself.  We have bathed naked because its normal.  Completely natural and simple, without any wrinkled swimwear to cover us. Our ancient ancestors swam naked, and to them, it would seem odd to cover up in a bath.

To swim naked is to swim ‘free.’ It just seems that the naked body was made for it..  When you dive in you find your true self, separated from the burdens of normal life.  You feel like floating in paradise and can recognise the moment when you are really free and part of nature. Both exciting and freeing.


Maori people wandering around a river

Maori people wandering around a river

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Swimming Naked – How and Where

Skinny dipping has always been something many people have wanted to try. Unfortunately, many have not tried it because they have just not found the right opportunity. Some even reject the idea because they think it’s just ‘crazy.’ But, in reality, it is one of the most natural things you can do.  The only thing you need to do is to find the perfect spot. An isolated river, lake, pond or beach, and dive in.

The first time you skinny dip is a moment worth remembering. Many people still picture that memory with a smile.

To swim naked is to be free, happy, alive and every sensation that makes us feel good.

Nudist girl at lake Tinaroo Australia

Skinny Dipping Is Better With Friends

Going skinny dipping alone is great. A little adventure that is amusing and memorable. But there is nothing like sharing special these moments with others. And skinny dipping can really be a special moment.


There is nothing like getting nude with your friends or your special one and then jumping into the water. All nude, sharing a laugh and building beautiful memories together. I remember my first time, sharing the moonlight with that special someone as we explored a lake. Something dreams are made of.

And it’s even funnier in a great skinny dipping event. And these could not be possible without naturists and those who create these events. So make sure to say thank you to all those participants. And if you have the fortune to live near an event, don´t hesitate to go!



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George Scott Hanzelka · May 10, 2018 at 3:56 pm

What a great article.It’s difficult to describe the experience of skinny dipping to someone who has never done it.Great job.The only things you might add are that once you swim nude you won’t want to wear a swimsuit ever again and it’s addictive in a good way.

Shopie D · May 21, 2018 at 4:12 pm

I’m not a huge fan of the term “skinny dipping” as it tends to set some people off sniggering. Nude swimming is so much more than a 15-second dash into the sea or jump in a pool. Enjoying a proper swim naked – in a swimming pool, the sea, lake or river – is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I enjoy the amazing experience of outdoor swimming (or wild swimming as some call it), which is even better if you get to do it naked!

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