Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?

Published On April 3, 2019

Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?

You started out enjoying being naked around the house, occasionally daring to slip outside when no one was noticing. Along the way you heard that there was a nude beach or resort near you where other people hung out nude. Your curiosity was piqued to the point where you gathered up the courage to finally check out the scene, and you realized that everyone there was very friendly. The people were from all walks of life, but they were the same more than they were different because when people are nude all pretexts are removed. You felt the freedom of being outside nude with no judgment by anyone, so you kept coming back until you realized that you were now a nudist.

Up to now only you and/or your partner was aware of enjoyment of naturism. You’d go off to the beach or resort to socialize with your new nudist friends, but you would not tell your friends and family about what you were doing because of the connotation behind nudity. On the other hand, you now realize the naturalness of being nude and the fact that social nudity is not sexual in the least bit. You have a quandary, because you want to share your enjoyment of naturism with friends and family, but you are concerned about what they will think of you. Additionally, you are reluctant to post or say anything on social media that could impact your career or friendships, yet you know that what you are doing is perfectly natural. What do you do?

It is a tough call because each of our situations are different as are our personalities. Not all of us feel strong enough about naturism to become activists and totally go public. We are concerned about how people will perceive us because society places shame around nudity. We call it modesty because proper people are not supposed to be as bold as to exhibit their nude bodies to others. As a side note, I stopped having dreams about waking up in class in my underwear since I became a nudist. You could just continue on keeping your secret pleasure to yourself. It is much easier that way, and I know many people that keep their enjoyment of nudism away from their friends and family.

On the one hand, you want to share your new-found freedom with your friends and family. On the other hand, you are likely to encounter people that just do not see things the same way that you see them. You need to tread lightly because there not as many people with minds open enough to accept a new or different point of view in today’s highly polarized society. A former neighbor of mine did not want me or my friends’ nude in my yard where he could see them from his house. He thought it was weird no matter how I explained it to him. My advice is to share your enjoyment of naturism/nudism on a need to know basis only. I wish I could tell you to be bold and open about it because we need to spread the word that social nudity is not about sex; it is about comfort, body acceptance, nature, and freedom. Unfortunately, I have seen some negative repercussions with some openness.

I am not advocating being secretive about it either. You should tell those you want to know and that you feel will not be judgmental about it. If it comes up in casual conversation, feel out the situation. Discuss and advocate for it as much as you feel comfortable. I was at a neighborhood party around our lake when one of the women brought up going to a nude beach in the Caribbean. Of course, there was the usual discussion of whether others had been or would go. I redirected the discussion to ask how each person felt about being nude on a beach or other places in public. Almost all of them replied that it was an enjoyable experience. About half said that they would do it again. The ones that enjoyed the experience mentioned how their visit was not at all as they expected, and that the people were just everyday people out at the beach or resort. The discussion came to a halt when I suggested that we make our beach clothing optional. It was obvious that I had pushed the subject beyond their comfort level at that point.Source: DEK Travel Journal

My point is that you have to know when to stop the discussion. There are many other articles that discuss the obvious benefits to naturism that you can share, but do not push your agenda to the point where you may turn off or upset people. Different people and groups have different limitations. I will discuss those next.


Your family is typically more accepting and understanding than other groups. They should be tolerant of other family members lifestyle choices although there are exceptions. My parents did not even flinch when I told them that I frequently attended a nude beach because I was brought up in a home where nudity was not shameful. I had a girlfriend whose parents were less comfortable, but they accepted her choice when she explained what naturism was about. Her grandmother wanted to go to the beach with us next time we went. Other relatives around your own age or younger are generally more open about naturism and may even give it a try. My cousin ended up taking her family to a nude beach in Florida after I told her that I was a long-time nudist. Occasionally you will have to endure the occasional teasing.

Bring it up if you want to share naturism with family members. If you are confronted by a family member that knows you are a nudist, then do not go on the defensive. Turn the tables and ask them about what they know or feel about it. The discussion will end up more positively. If you want your immediate family to be nudists, start with your spouse if she is not already one. Discuss and introduce it to your kids only when you both are comfortable and can fully explain it to them. I know many families that are naturists that have a wonderful time with it all. Kids are more willing to be nudists than adults because they do not have the years of shame to contend.


It is much harder to give advice on how to discuss naturism with friends because there are all different classifications of friends. Your close friends are like family and are usually very understanding of your choices and decisions. Most of my close friends know I’m a nudist, and they never mention it except for one friend that occasionally ribs me about it. I always have a crass response for him too. If you choose to tell a friend then once you explain your reason for being involved in naturism, they should be supportive of your choice.
Source: Deadline Scotland

Other friends and acquaintances are hit and miss. I’d only bring it up with them it the topic comes up in conversation and you feel comfortable discussing it. In these situations, you may encounter judgement so be careful how much you tell them of your involvement, but you can still be an advocate. I have had some friends distance themselves from me once they found out I was a nudist. I accepted their intolerance and moved on, but you may not feel the same way about parting with them so be cautious.

Alcohol usually makes the discussion easier. It can backfire on you too. It has gone both ways for me. Sitting around at a lounge or party drinking, you become less inhibited. Discussions may turn racier so mentioning things not fully accepted by all of society become easier. This may be the opportunity to have an open and frank discussion of naturism but be warned that when people sober up, they may turn judgmental. I introduced more than one person to naturism this way, and one of them has become quite active in our group. She barely even knew of naturism when I brought it up one night at a bar, but wholeheartedly embraced it once she did it for the first time. It did backfire on me once when we had a backyard party after going to the clothing optional beach. My friend and I got naked in a friends’ backyard. We started it and others followed. Everyone was drinking and it was legal so who cares right? Well a rather prudish colleague showed up and decided to blab it around the office the next Monday. My discussion with him did not make any difference, but it made for some uncomfortable workplace situations for a short time.


My previous example brings me to my final category of colleagues. My recommendation is to not even get close to the subject in the workplace. Today’s workplace is highly charged and sensitive to anything that could be perceived as harassment. Even this slightest hint of nudity could bring very negative repercussions against you especially if the other person is of the opposite sex. In this ultra-PC environment, nudity is definitely equated to sex and making other people feel uncomfortable.

Source: The Bold Italic/Sierra Hartman

This environment is unfortunate because in the past I have had some very enjoyable nudist experiences with colleagues. Each situation happened rather spontaneously whether it was swimming at the lake, being at the beach, or enjoying a sauna. They all revolved around some activity where doing it nude was the best way or only day to do it at the time. In every situation we all handled it maturely, and thought it was no big deal. My experience was in the past, and we are in the now; therefore, my advice is stay clear of discussing naturism in the workplace or around colleagues.

I purposely chose to avoid discussing the merits of being a nudist because there are literally hundreds of articles in publications and the Internet covering it. I Definitely would avoid any religious discussions unless you are very well versed on theology first. Before you enter into a discussion, think about who is your audience? What is their level of tolerance? Are they judgmental? How well do you know them? Would it be best to start the discussion with a generic discussion of naturism/nudism before disclosing your involvement and enjoyment? Being nude is not taboo, and we should not be made to feel like we are freaks for enjoying being nude either. Do not set yourself up for a discussion that ends that way. A little forethought will go a long way into properly sharing your experiences. Who knows? You may even make a convert.

Written by Mark M. 

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9 thoughts on “Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?”

  1. Sehr nett geschrieben. Leider ist mein englisch zu schlecht, aber ich antworte dennoch gerne 😉
    Habe mich im Text gleich wieder gefunden. Seit 3 Jahren nutzen ich jetzt jede Gelegenheit nackt im Garten zu arbeiten, einsame Wege zu wandern oder mal nackt Fahrrad zu fahren. Leider immer alleine, da es sehr schwierig ist anderen von dem tollen Gefühl und der freien Erfahrungen zu erzählen. Viele verbinden Nacktheit immer noch mit Sex und gefühlt ist es für einen Mann noch schwieriger. Nacktheit ist das natürlichste auf der Welt. Nehmen wir uns die Kinder als Vorbild, nackt im Garten oder am Strand herum zu toben und zu spielen ist doch völlig normal. Keiner hat hier Sorgen es könnte etwas schlimmes passieren. Warum denken wir Erwachsenen so negativ, warum sind wir so ängstlich geworden ?
    Schöne Grüße von der Nordseeküste in Schleswig-Holstein 🙂

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Your experience is so common which is why I wrote the article. So many people feel the freedom and enjoyment of being nude yet they are afraid to discuss it with others. Actively enjoying it in pubic is risky depending on where you are located. Men have an even greater challenge than women. Naked men are perceived as creepy because people sexualize nudity. You are so true about how kids handle it. Adults SHOULD learn from children in this case. It is good to find a group of naturists where you can share your enjoyment together. You’ll feel better and there are strength in numbers. Also find places on-line to share your enjoyment like here.

    1. Mark, your comments are perfectly in line with the serious discussions we have on We are people from all over the world. I’m in the U.S. But we are worldly minded people from all over the world. Sign up(no cost) and join the discussion if you, or anyone else, has an honest desire to support healthy family naturist values. These people are world educated and advanced school educated. So you’ll find intelligent people to discuss your ideas with. Sign up, and check out the forums.

  3. Captain America

    Well written article. I haven’t told close family members and friends only distant ones. They were either turned off, didn’t care or were understanding. None of them were interested.

  4. I have told very few people, and no family. Living in Iowa as a nudist is difficult, especially in rural areas. We do have some progressive thinkers here, but nudity is a touchy subject that I think is best left behind closed doors. It sucks, but it’s the way it is. Very very old school. I was lucky enough to be married to a like minded lady once, but am no more. They just don’t understand the freedom it brings. To me, shedding clothes has is as exhilarating as it had to be from being freed from a concentration camp from WWII. My opinion! I love social nudity.

    1. Hi Doug,

      Thanks for your message, It’s indeed a rusty subject that’s hard to talk about. It shouldn’t be behind closed doors but open. In this society, it will be difficult but we keep trying to make it more open! I hope you can keep enjoying nudism as it’s so relieving.
      #StayHappyStayNude Stella

  5. Good read. Some of my family know. Of course my wife who doesn’t participate and one of my daughters who was living with us for a time.(all 3 of my kids are grown). Wife never has a problem with it. I work nights so I usually had the house to myself during the day while they were at work. Only a few time did my daughter see me when I didn’t know she was there. I tried to be respectful of her when she was there and I did inform her about it an let her know it would happen. We even have an outdoor shower that is used daily in the summer.

  6. My wife and I had been Naturists for several years before we moved in to a Naturist Resort. One day, my Dad tracked us down and confronted us because he and my Grandmother were concerned about our evasive comments about our living arrangements. They thought we had joined a cult. My mom and sister found out too, but they kind of laugh it off as a quirk. We never told our other parents, though they’re starting to wonder where I go on certain weekends. 🙂 I’m still a naturist and go to beaches and resorts, but living in a resort only lasted a short time, unfortunately!

  7. Naturism is one of the healthiest pastimes I have ever experienced and should be experienced from the time we are born when the mind of the infant is uncluttered by suspicion and a sence of vulgarity creeps in brought about by the sigma associated with parental modesty.
    First experienced in a Public Sauna in Stockholm and embrassed there after as a joy and appreciation but frowned upon by the rest of my family. Having visited Paris one of the questions asked by my father was had I been to the Follies which was of no interest to me or ever has been. The pure joy of being one with nature and feeling the elements on my skin was so relaxing and talking and enjoying others in friendly conversation was truly enviable. I say that because within the framework of married life I have never been able to participate in the wholesomeness which is naturism.

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