Nude Photography, Why do we love it?

Published On September 3, 2018

Photography, art and nudity

As we discussed it here before, the naked body can be considered the maximum form of art in its purest form. Among the many forms of art that we mentioned, one of them stands out for the growth of its popularity. And it is not a surprise since we live in a world where internet and social media allow us to share content of every kind. These includes of course, the spread of artwork. Without a doubt, the net has seen many great artist post their work online.  Among these art expresions, is photography.

Now, photography is one particular way to make art. It captures the real world in the most natural way. Of course, natural sights, animals and unanimated objects are targets worth of a good shot. But, like in other forms of art, it always ends appreciating the beauty and complex of the human being.  Now that everybody has a smartphone, we are all constantly taking pictures of ourselves and other people. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, parties, every moment is good to take a picture.

But the main purpose of this article, just like every other in this blog, is to appreciate nudism and the naked body. Every photo is supposed to have a purpose. And what happens when it is purpose is to portray the human body at its most beautiful form? Here are some reasons of why we think nude photography is simple amazing.


Because it has been a thing since a long time ago

The naked body has always been the greatest expression of art. Humans drew themselves naked in the past. Next there appeared paintings and sculptures of naked people. Consequently, naked photography became a thing since the invention of the camera. Despite the stigma around nudity in the past, naked photography has always managed to be a real thing. And how could it be not that way? The human body was beautiful before as it is beautiful now. So it is not a surprise that photographing naked bodies became a visual necessity in the past. So, we need to keep alive this beautiful tradition going on.

Vintage naked photography
Attributed to Leopold Reutlinger, 1890



Because it breaks the rules

As said before, nude photography has been a thing since long ago. But there are many misconceptions and stereotypes about the naked body that remain to these days. So posing naked, or taking photos of naked people is an artistically way to break the prudish rules of society. It is a great way to send a message, to express an idea. And that message is that there is nothing wrong with our bodies. That the perfect beauty standards are ridiculous. It is a way to express that we should accept ourselves as we are.

Naked photo
Spencer Tunick in Dublin


Because it is full of possibilities

Art is about creativity and originality. And there are so many things that can be done with a naked body and a camera. The right place, the perfect pose and the correct balance of light and colors, can turn pictures into artistic miracles. For a creative mind, the concepts and the experiments with photography have endless possibilities to explore. You can always dare to make something different, something new and fresh.

Experimental Nude Art
Experimental Abstract Nude Art by Chris Maher

Because it increases our self-steam

Posing for a naked picture is one of the most self-empowering things you can do. There is not really much to explain here, we can just ask people who have tried it. Really, you can actually find a lot of different people writing their experiences around the web. We just need to add, the moment when you see yourself naked in a photography, is a special moment when you realize how great you are.


Because it is for everybody

One of the main ideas about nudism is that everybody is beautiful. The different shapes, sizes and skin colors makes everybody be special on their own. Photography does not discriminate at the moment of capturing beauty. That is why we encourage everybody to get naked and be themselves.

photo by Spencer Tunick
Another grat picture by Spencer Tunick


Because the human body is beautiful

We have said it many times, even in this same article. But is a thing worth to repeat. The human body is beautiful, the human body is perfect, nudity is liberating. There is not a better reason to take naked pictures. We can just take a moment to appreciate or legs, our torso or our genitals. For our eyes, a naked body is aesthetically perfect. And four our mind it is satisfactorily empowering.  We don’t get tired of saying it, nudity is beautiful.

Finally, this article could not be complete without mentioning great photographers. Everybody has their own favorites, and it is okay. Personally, my favorite artists are Petter Hegre, Dan Hecho and Spencer Tunick. You should take a look at their work if you haven´t. But mentioning only these three men doesn´t mean there are not more good photographers. All opposite, there are countless great artists out there, so maybe you can comment who is your favorite naked photographer down below!.


All images used for the article were found on the web. The images also link to the original page from where they were taken. If you are owner of one of this images and want it to be removed, let us know.



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7 thoughts on “Nude Photography, Why do we love it?”

  1. Thanks for this great post. We can expand this to painting and sculpting as well. I do not think there are a more beautiful subject than the human body. With its inherent beauty and complexity, it forms the basis of beautiful and creative art.

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  3. RickSchermerhorn

    The problems of nudity are this. As soon as somebody mentions or appears to like what they see then a whole bunch of people hypocrites start saying. Oh you can’t like that. & when its males liking females we really can’t have that. Even though without that the human race would not exist

  4. I participated as a nude model for a photoshoot earlier this year. At first I was apprehensive about being photographed nude, but when they shooting started I actually felt free and excited about doing it. I was exciting to be the subject, but also participated in what poses to make. I agree with Stella completely when she says “nudity is liberating”. I’m so glad I did that now.

  5. I prefer to see nude people in photographs than clothed ones, the huge variety of shapes and sizes we all come in is far more interesting, endlessly fascinating. I am biased, as a nudist, though! I’d rather see nude people in real life too, as a nudist I am not very interested in clothing, mostly just appreciating it for practical purposes.

    I also prefer to be photographed nude than in clothing. I feel like I am myself when I am naked and sometimes think that I look very uncomfortable when I see a photo of myself in clothing. I am much more comfortable and relaxed when I am naked, I hope that comes across to people who see my nude photos.

    As Steve mentions above in relation to Stella’s comment ‘nudity is liberating’. I have also posed nude for photoshoots, on my own and with others. I’ve done it for private shoots and posed nude for naturist magazine shoots as well as for publicity material for nudist clubs as well. It is liberating to be published nude and recognisable like that, I like being open and ‘out’ as a nudist, it is a wonderful way of life.

    1. I like to be nude in photo’s as well but some people don’t even if they enjoy nudism they want to keep that for themselves instead of sharing. I get their point of course.

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