Nude cooking by A Naked Girl – Preparing boerenkool met rookworst

Published On November 21, 2019

Hi! My name is Stella and I perform a live naked cooking show.  The show is usually around two hours and I promise it will be fun! most importantly I’m a terrible cook and I never practice any dish upfront.  The show does contain nudity but nothing sexual so I highly appreciate to keep it that way.  Hop in on the specific date to participate in my naked cooking show.

My next cooking show will be on 26 november 2019 at 18:00 CEST  or follow the countdown below.


What am I going to cook?

I’m going to cook a delicious traditional Dutch winter recipe called Boerenkool. Long before kale was something you found in your green smoothie, it was already a much-used ingredient in the Dutch winter kitchen, where it’s known as boerenkool, or “farmer’s cabbage”. As ubiquitous an ingredient as it is in the Netherlands, it’s also one of its most seasonal, and you won’t find it anywhere outside of the winter months. That’s because the Dutch believe that kale is at its best after the first frost when part of the starch in the cabbage is converted to sugars and it tastes sweeter. Most emblematic of all is its use in this traditional boerenkoolstamppot met rookworst, which arguably could be considered The Netherlands’ national dish.

Want to cook with me? Here is the Recipe


How to join my naked cooking show?

It’s easy to join! Just create an account here (Adblocker can be in the way) and join my channel on the specific date mentioned above! I’ll start my stream 15 minutes before so you can join already! Besides I’ll announce it the day itself on Instagram and Twitter if I go live for my naked cooking show! 

Not able to be there?

No problem! My cooking shows are always available after the show on my Patreon.





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