Naked cooking show by A Naked Girl – Preparing an Easter meal

Published On April 16, 2019

Naked cooking show

Hi! My name is Stella and I perform a live naked cooking show.  The show is usually around two hours and I promise it will be fun! most importantly I’m a terrible cook and I never practice any dish up front. Even more, I’m doing challenges and if you guess the correct answer, you’ll win a snapchat subscription!  The show does contain nudity but nothing sexual so i highly appreciate to keep it that way. Therefore, create an account and hop in on the specific date to participate in my naked cooking show.

How to join my naked cooking show?

It’s easy to join! Just create an account here and join my channel on the specific date mentioned above! I’ll start my stream 15 minutes before so you can join already! Besides I’ll announce it the day itself on Instagram and Twitter if I go live for my naked cooking show! 

Easter meal

Easter is around the corner and what a great idea to cook a meal in this theme! What would the easter bunny bring? Eggs, of course, my meal would be filled with eggs. 
In this show, firstly I will make delicious scott’s scotch eggs and secondly, I will make Sprigs in a blanket!  To sum up, run to the grocery shop and get your eggs and fresh ingredients! Drop your clothes and be ready to cook a delicious meal to show off! Or just come, open a beer and watch me doing all the effort.

If you would like to cook with me here are the links to the recipes.
Scott’s scotch eggs
Sprigs in a blanket 

Stay Happy and stay nude!

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4 thoughts on “Naked cooking show by A Naked Girl – Preparing an Easter meal”

  1. Stella, your positive messages about body positivity, the beauties of nature, and making the world a better place are wholesome and appreciated. You are a fine representative of the naturism movement, which seem stronger in Europe than the United States.

    As the cooking shows grow in followers, consider writing and publishing an illustrated cook book based on the program. You might just have a best-seller on your hands! Take care and be well.


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Nude cooking by A Naked Girl – Beer and Hotdogs

Nude cooking by A Naked Girl – Beer and Hotdogs

My name is Stella, and I will be performing a live naked cooking show. The show is usually around two hours, and I guarantee it will be fun! Most importantly I’m a terrible cook and never practice any dish upfront.
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