Living Naked: A Conversation About Life, Beaches, and Nudism

Published On October 25, 2018

Naturism is often embraced by people for different reasons.  Nudism can be a means of relaxation for some people. While others seek a deeper connection with nature and for others still, it is a way towards personal freedom.  For Alberto going nude is all of these things as he shares with us his experience as a nudist.

Nudism to me means to be free and enjoy the environment I’m in. – Alberto, male nudist

Discovering Nudism

Alberto is a 30-year-old man who works as a receptionist in Milan, Italy. He has been a nudist for over 10 years.  Like most people who become naturists, Alberto was curious about what it would feel like to be naked outside in nature. He slowly started to explore nudism step by step with trips to the beach.

At the age of 20 i tried to drop my clothes on the beach. It happened during a wonderful holiday in Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic islands. I was there with my family and I knew very well it was the best place to get naked. So in the late afternoon i told my family i was going to the other side of the beach. They smiled like it was ok for them, so I went. I found a nice quiet area with a few people around and right away i dropped my clothes.  Best decision ever. A dream come true… and from then… bye bye tan lines!

Alberto on a nudist beach

Exploring Nudism in New Places

Like so many others, once the clothes came off, Alberto kept them off whenever possible, Wherever he travels. Alberto takes any opportunity he can to strip down and enjoy the moment.  For him, the beach remains one of his favorite places go naked at and he finds that nature is best enjoyed au natural. Every time i travel (especially in summer) i look for a place to disrobe and get naked! I love nature in general, and with clothes on it’s still enjoyable. But enjoying nature naked, it’s a wonderful experience!  My first love was the beach… sunbathe in the nude… relax… enjoy the sun and swim naked… all the best feelings in just one place! Being a native of Italy, Alberto has had the opportunity to visit nude beaches in both his home country as well to travel to various nude beaches across Europe and has discovered some fantastic and historic nude camps in places you might not expect. (Some of the best areas to practice nudism are in) Spain, Balearic Islands, Croatia with all the nude campings… they first built them in the 50s… 60s!  Of course in Italy there are several nude beaches but not as much as you could expect from a country literally on the sea… They’re growing years after years…


Talking About and Sharing Nudism with Others

For Alberto, becoming a nudist meant not only new found freedom of mind and body but also a confidence to talk with friends and family about his passion for living life naked. I’m more confident talking about a topic (nudism) that some people may find funny… or not… I try to explain that’s nothing about being sexual or pervert… just let your body breathe… but of course you have to be smart enough to choose a place that allows to be nude… otherwise you’ll be arrested and that’s not “a wonderful experience”.  All my friends and parents know that I’m a nudist and when it’s possible I like to sunbathe with only my sunglasses on : – ) Some agree with that.. some other don’t but hey.. that’s life… everyone have their opinion and I respect all of them.

Alberto on a nudist beach


Advice on How to Jump Out of Your Clothes and Into Nudism

Alberto recommends that anyone with even the slightest interest should give nudism a shot.  Not only will you feel free but you will also love your body even more once the clothes come off.  When you find an opportunity to go nude outside, don’t stop and think about what others will say, but rather strip off your clothes and take that first dive into nudism! I recommend it to every person who is curious enough to give it a try… find a nice spot and just disrobe… you’ll feel better and more confident with your body— whatever  shape and size your are ; – ) Go ahead and take it off. It will be something that you never forget… and if you have a partner or friends to share the experience with… It’s the best!  If you find yourself on a beach and aren’t sure if you (can) take off the swimsuit… be brave.. do the first step. We did it in Spain and in the next hours all the people who arrived on the beach seeing us naked stripped as well! We transformed a part of a textile beach in a nudist one! Of course be careful and try to feel if the nude sunbathing is allowed… it depends also from the country you’re visiting… and Spain is one of the best. I wish Italy could be like this.


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  2. An interesting contribution, thanks for sharing. Like so many other people who try nudism you realised how wonderful it is and continue to to enjoy life naked whenever you can since then. Enjoy it, life really is better nude.

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