Stella Cordes, better known as anakedgirl, is a nudist enthusiast, nude model and photographer, who was born in The Netherlands and began her journey as a naked traveler in Australia after being deeply influenced by the instagram account @getnakedaustralia which, features many people who pose naked in the vast and beautiful landscapes of the country. Stella saw this as an inspiration as well as she saw it on many other accounts on the same social network that are related with the topic of nudism or nudity.

She created her own insta profile with the name that made her popular, @a.naked.girl, she started posting pictures of herself nude outdoors while exploring the land Down Under, although being limited (as well as other similar accounts) on just showing her backside due to instagram´s strict rules on nakedness, she gained the attention of the ig users who are interested in nudism/naturism and nudity art.

Her pictures were shared in other accounts who post the naked photos of other people with their previous consent; this made her grow faster in terms of followers and trend. At one point of her instagram rising fame, she got an interview with the Dailymail UK, this helped her going viral on many webs around the world drawing attention to many people that become her followers, rapidly hitting more than a hundred thousand on instagram.

This also has made that some bad critics appeared around her work, but as the love and cheering of her wonderful supporters is a lot greater that the hate, it has not stopped anakedgirl for doing what she truly likes and continues on sharing her travels au naturel, reaching more naked hearts everyday while she advocates for non-sexual nude recreation, body positivity and artistic expressions.

Her considerable internet popularity has made Stella to show up in other social media as twitter, snapchat or facebook, and currently her own website to post many subjects related to the world of nudity. One more important thing to remark about Stella is that like many young people, she loves to travel abroad, so she has decided to put her two passions together and made herself the goal of visiting all the countries in the world but without any clothes, she has been in many places like Australia, Indonesia or Thailand where she had shot some beauty, her trips have given her beautiful sunsets, unforgettable skinny dips and wonderful landscapes, and she is aiming for more travels and naked experiences. She is currently creating naked art on patreon with the help of her donating fans as she keeps getting better and more passionate about her photography craft.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you always naked?
No, every nudist is wearing clothes. Are you able to get into an airplane naked? What do you think what will happen if you walk naked on a public place? Yes you’re asking for trouble.  The best sentence i found that explains it: ” Naturism is the enjoyment of getting as naked as possible, wherever and whenever appropriate, alone or with others, just for its own sake.”

Why do you have tan lines. 
Most of my time you can find me outside. When i’m lucky i can do this while being nude but a lot of moments i’m wearing a bikini or clothes. This is creating tan-lines as i get a dark skin pretty quickly.

What are you trying to achieve.
Trying to create awareness for nudism in a positive way. Especially towards the younger generation of people. Next to that i want to change the perspective a lot of people have towards a naked body and especially the one of a female.

What is your goal or dream?
My dream is explore every country in the world and undress wherever posible. Next to that i would like to build an own nudist airbnb in Portugal or Australia.

What do you do with all the negative people.
Nudism and the female body keeps getting seen as something sexual.  A lot of comment are in this way. I won’t judge anyone and will never respond negativity. I will try to discus with them and show that it’s so much more if you get into it!